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ABC Bonding Company has been serving both Catoosa and Walker county for the better part of two decades. Owners, Chelsea Campbell and Holly Turnbo are the daughters of long time Ringgold resident and previous owner, Dennis Turnbo. They are committed to making their father proud by following in his footsteps in the bail bonding business. Both Chelsea and Holly have been raised around the bonding business for over 20 years, and will provide you with quick and professional service.

"We want to thank you for considering us for all your bail bond needs. Please call us and we will help to free your loved ones today.' 
-Chelsea and Holly

At ABC Bonding we strive to provide you with the easiest method to bailing someone out of jail. We accept all major credit cards and can post bail for your loved ones over the phone if you are able to fill out the provided paperwork and return it via email.

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ABC/ACE Bonding provides a faster service for the client by being a mobile business. One of our professional bondsmen will meet you any time, day or night, at the Catoosa or Walker County Jail, where the bond is actually posted. This allows for a more expedited process in getting the person out of jail.

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Paperwork can be completed prior to beginning the bail process. They are available for download below or can be obtained at the Jail.

Bail process through a bail agency: In the state of Georgia, bail bonding companies charge 15% of the total property bond that is set by the magistrate judge. For example: if the person incarcerated has a bond set at $2,500.00 the bond fee to the bail agency would be $375.00. There is a mandatory $20.00 booking and processing fee that the JAIL charges separately that must be brought in exact cash. Therefore the total amount would be $395.00. The bonding company can be paid by credit/debit card, cash, check or money order. Payments are available at the owners discretion. The bonding company requires a co-signer in order to post the bond. This is to assure us the person incarcerated will come to their court date(s). Once the bond has been posted, it could take anywhere between 30 minutes to a few hours for them to be released depending on the time of day and amount of traffic volume in the jail. We ALWAYS call to remind our clients of their court dates as a courtesy to them.

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